What's the most irresponsible driving you've ever seen? Speaking on the phone with no hands free? Driving over speed limits? Drink driving?

Well last night Devon & Cornwall Police posted on Facebook after they discovered a Peugeot 207 being driven down the A30 at Bodmin with its bonnet entirely raised, to the point of it leaning on the windscreen.

However the driver had no licence, no insurance and no MOT.

According to the Devon & Cornwall Police 'No Excuse' facebook page, the driver will be dealt with for dangerous driving.

Though one Facebook user commented: "Got to be drunk / drugged as well to be doing that?" surprisingly, no one was charged with driving under the influence.

Not only was the bonnet up, severely limiting the driver's view, but sparks were being emitted from the back wheel, which first got the police's attention.

Other Facebook users have left comments under the post, such as:

"Can't fix stupid"

"I passed this one pulled over on slip road.. Crazy person"

See the photos attached for the drivers point of view with their bonnet up.