A young kayaker was left clinging to a crab pot buoy after being caught out by unexpectedly rough conditions.

Thankfully a member of the public spotted him out at sea yesterday afternoon, around 200 yards south west of Porthleven, and was concerned enough to call Falmouth Coastguard Station.

The Penlee Inshore Lifeboat, ‘Mollie and Ivor Dent’ was launched at 2.42pm for the Newlyn station’s seventh shout of the week so far.

The all-weather lifeboat, ‘Ivan Ellen’, followed on as back-up in case the kayaker had to be taken onboard, and due to the moderate to rough sea conditions.

A spokesperson for Penlee Lifeboat said: “The male kayaker was obviously struggling with the prevailing weather conditions and was holding on to a crab pot buoy.”

“Both lifeboats dashed across Mount’s Bay, the inshore lifeboat arriving on scene within 15 minutes.

“The male casualty and his kayak were quickly located, taken onboard the ‘Mollie and Ivor Dent’, and safely conveyed to the outer harbour at Porthleven.”

He was then handed over to the care of Porthleven Coastguard Team, who were given help by staff at The Ship Inn.

A Porthleven coastguard spokesperson thanked both Penlee lifeboat crews for their “brilliant teamwork and swift handover,” adding: “The lad is recovering and appreciative.

“He was well prepared apart from misunderstanding the winds and couldn’t be more thankful to the RNLI and coastguard for being so quick to help him.

“Also thanks to The Ship Inn staff and Porthleven harbour masters for their support and kindness.”

The crew onboard the inshore lifeboat was Andrew Wood and Amy Smith with James Robert at the helm, while in the all-weather lifeboat Patch Harvey was coxswain, Tony Rendle mechanic and there Ben Keogh, Will Treneer, Sam Kent and Jason Ward as crew.