DO not be alarmed, this is not the latest rising bollard in Falmouth's Church Street.

It is the brilliant recreation of Bren Carter, who has spent months building a dalek - the terrifying icon of long-running TV series Doctor Who.

"I took it to a world record attempt for daleks in one place at Chippenham last month, but this was the first time I took it out in Falmouth.

"I have to remember that people find daleks scary, so you have to have a sense of humour with it."

Bren, who operates the dalek using motorised wheelchair parts, took it into town from his Killigrew Street home.

"I went into a few shops with it including Tesco and Wilko and I was heading home when I realised a wheel was falling off so I had to stop."

The 18 year-old, who works at robotics factory Engineered Arts, in Penryn, was able to collect the mould of the dalek from a former BBC employee in Camborne, who had taken a mould when he worked there.

Besides the motor from a wheelchair, he has used a windscreen washer and pump from a car to enable him to squirt water at unsuspecting passers-by.

He also used Christmas baubles for the "bumps" on the outside and used an air compressor with a spray gun to colour the shell.

He built the lights from scratch - they illuminate when he speaks through a homemade voice modulator to create the frightening dalek sound so synonymous with the command: "Exterminate!"

He sits on a plank of wood inside, which he says is quite uncomfortable as there is very little room.

Bren has built the dalek by himself with some help "here and there" from his father, who is a marine engineer. He is now working on a sonic screwdriver as used by his favourite Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

"He's definitely my Doctor - I really started to love the show when he took over. I'm a massive fan."

Bren's tardis remains in popular demand, with a trip to London this weekend to take part in the annual Feast of St George in Trafalgar Square.

"I took it up to Manchester recently too - it's really taking off and I'm amazed at how many events I'm being asked to go to," said Bren.

It won't be long before the dalek has another outing locally either - he's lining up a trip to the McDonalds drive-thru soon...