Mawnan Parish Council's decision to support a planning application has sparked anger from parishioners.

The council voted five to four in support of an outline application for 11 new homes in Penwarne Road, after a survey found 93.5 per cent of villagers opposed developments of more than ten houses.

Terry Damer, chair of the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Group, said that the council has "ignored the wishes of the people that [they] are supposed to represent" by supporting the application.

He added: "It does appear that the people residing in the parish are very dismayed at the parish council's decision."

The development would sit between two other properties off Penwarne Road, lying just to the north of the South Coast Western Area of Natural Beauty (AONB).

In justifying its decision, the council said that the land would be a suitable infill development that would not affect the AONB, and that they hoped to have further discussions with developers to tailor the plan to the wishes of parishioners noted in the NDP survey.

There was a 40 per cent response rate when parishioners were surveyed last summer by the NDP group about future developments in Mawnan.

The survey was sent out, in part, as a reaction to the contentious 46-strong Lowenna Fields development. Whilst support was expressed for the provision of affordable houses, 93.5 per cent of those surveyed were opposed to developments of more than ten houses, and 77.7 per cent were against developments of more than five houses.

A comment from the parish council on the application acknowledged the consternation caused by the decision.

It went on to say: "However, the parish council feels that this land would be a suitable infill development without affecting the AONB.

"There are concerns about the provisional access arrangements but it is hoped that development along this stretch of road would assist in reducing speeds, either through reducing the speed limit generally or simply by the need for more considered driving to accommodate the extra junction.

"We also have concerns about the handling of surface water and drainage as supplied on the planning application.

"It would be hoped that further discussions with the applicant would take place prior to the reserved matters application to tailor it more to the wishes noted in our parish NDP consultations."

Comments can be made on the application until Thursday (April 25).