A Mabe woman is due to return home after a serious collision left her in hospital for nearly a year.

Alexandra Phillips' parents hope she will return from Mount Gould hospital's neuro-rehabilitation unit in Plymouth in time for her 21st birthday on May 10.

Last year, her car was in a head-on collision with a coach on the A393 Lanner road.

Doctors said she had a less than ten per cent chance of survival, and Alexandra spent weeks battling for her life before her condition stabilised.

She has spent the last six months in rehabilitation in Plymouth, and is expected back home within the next few weeks.

Mum Sarah Evans said: "She defied all odds really. She's a miracle."

Alexandra is a "real outdoors person" according to her mum, and godparents Helena and Jamie Truen decided to set up a fundraiser for an all-terrain wheelchair so that she can properly appreciate the countryside.

Falmouth Packet:

Alexandra Phillips is a "real outdoors person" according to her mum

When asked what she was looking forward to most about Alexandra's homecoming, Sarah said: "Just having her about, she's my best friend as well as my daughter. Just to have her home and be part of normal family life again and just spend more time with her."

She added: "She's a very strong, determined, focused young woman so I'm sure she will be fighting and battling constantly to be living independently again."

Since Alexandra has been in rehabilitation, her mum and dad have been making the trip up to Plymouth to see her every day and have been unable to work.

The Crowdfunder has raised £2,000 in ten days, but is still some way short of its £10,000 goal to cover the cost of the all-terrain wheelchair.

Alexandra's friends Trish and Ashleigh, who work at Asda, are also putting on a bake sale at the store to raise funds for the chair.

To make a donation, visit crowdfunder.co.uk/fund-raising-for-an-all-terrain-wheelchair.