BRAZEN vandals have attacked a building in Falmouth seven times in as many weeks, despite the fact that it is right next door to the town's police station.

Fed-up businessman Mike Fernihough has had to board up numerous windows on his Dracaena Avenue property since early March, after closing Cornwall Car Centre in January.

He said: "Whoever's doing it is taking ammunition from the pile of soil where the skatepark is going to go in the playing field over the fence. They've smashed all of the side windows over the last few weeks and when I went down on Monday morning, they'd done a front window.

"Police officers and PCSOs used to walk past the building and across the field at the Dracaena Centre, but you just don't see them anymore - and we've got to suffer."

The first window was smashed on March 11, then another one was broken on March 19.

Further incidents took place on April 14, 15 and 17, then again on Saturday, before the latest attack overnight on Sunday.

"I have been given six different crime references after ringing 101 each time, but I've not yet had a visit from a police officer," said Mike.

There is no longer any CCTV on the building, but it does have a burglar alarm which will be activated if anyone trespasses.

The back of the property overlooks the police station on one side and the Dracaena Centre - including a huge pile of earth - on the other side.

Mr Fernihough, who lives in Falmouth, has spoken to the town council about securing the mound of earth from which the stones are taken and he says a fence has been put around it.

The former Cornwall Car Centre site is up for sale having received planning permission for 19 apartments, but until Mr Fernihough finds a buyer, he is continually having to make the building secure.

He is also planning to suggest to town clerk Mark Williams that advertising boards can be placed on the front of the building, to improve the appearance of the building as visitors arrive in the town for the summer season.

The latest damage follows just days after vandals sprayed cars and property with yellow paint in Trescobeas Road and Tregenver Road.