The development of Falmouth's Ocean Bowl site has led to one woman calling for a change in the planning system after what she describes as a "prison" was allowed to go ahead.

Dawn Marrs, who lives in Castle Drive, is getting increasingly angry as she watches the 190-bed student housing development being built on the former bowing alley.

She said: "It's horrendous; a blot on the landscape in what is a beautiful town. It's above the trees and looks like a prison."

She said the development had spoiled her enjoyment of the area, which was the reason she and her partner bought their house, but she was even more upset for the residents of Pendennis Rise, many of which she said were elderly, who live directly opposite.

"The site is awful; it's an absolute monster of a building. It seems to be getting higher and higher," she said.

Falmouth Packet:

The development completely blocks the landscape for residents of Pendennis Rise

"The people that live opposite, their livelihoods and what they're seeing is this terrible building that blocks the view. Their lives will be devastated.

"I just think that anybody that's passed this should be held to account. For the local area and local residents, this should never have been allowed."

Plans for the four-storey building by Rengen Developments were refused by Cornwall Council, but was later given permission by the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol following an appeal by developers.

Planning inspector Neil Pope agreed with them that the student blocks, which will also include a reception, gym and study rooms, would meet the need for purpose-built student accommodation and free up existing houses in town currently used by students.

He said the harm caused by the development did not outweigh its public benefits.

Falmouth Packet:

A computer generated image of how the buildings are likely to look when completed

Ms Marrs said that while she was aware nothing could now be done, she believed questions should still be asked over why it was allowed to go ahead despite fierce local opposition - which, she claimed, left one of her neighbours in hospital at the time, due to stress, and another ill - in a bid to prevent it happening again, either in Falmouth or elsewhere in the county.

She believes there should be a change in the planning system, saying: "Decisions should not be made by people who don't live here and have no idea what the landscape is."

"I think there are people that need to be accountable for their decisions and made to understand. It's not been thought through," she added.