A WEEKEND of all things Costa Rica is arriving at the Eden Project on May 18 and 19.

During the Costa Rica Festival, Eden visitors will be able to enjoy a wide variety of fun activities inspired by the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest – including a treasure trail and a dazzling exhibit of more than 500 orchids.

Eden said the aim of the Costa Rica Festival was to promote sustainable tourism and conservation as well as celebrate Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes, extensive wildlife and incredible flora and fauna through diverse family-friendly activities.

These will include:

• Orchid Display: the jewel of the Costa Rica Festival, this exhibition will display more than 500 orchids, a flowering plant that naturally reflects Costa Rica’s landscapes – the country boasts 1,400 species of orchid, 20 per cent of which are endemic. Orchids on display include Cattleya orchids, which can be found in Costa Rica, as well as a selection of epiphytes which live in the forest canopy alongside orchids.

• Costa Rica Treasure Trail: an educational path to explore the country’s biodiversity and all the fun facts around this (did you know that Costa Rica is home to five per cent of the world’s biodiversity?).

• Volcano Discovery: a workshop to learn how volcanoes help support Costa Rica’s diverse flora and fauna (there are more than 60 volcanoes in the country, including six active).

• Creative Costa Rica: a variety of additional activities to discover Costa Rica’s culture, including live music, dance performances and food tastings.

The Costa Rica Festival is the result of a partnership between the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) and the Eden Project.

As part of this partnership, Eden Project International Ltd – Eden’s global wing – is working with the Matambú Nature Reserve on the Nicoya Peninsula (in the north-west of Costa Rica). Here, 8,601 acres of farm land was assembled more than 20 years ago and allowed to naturally regenerate into secondary growth tropical dry forest.

Now, it is a place where plants and wildlife can thrive and has benefitted the local community by safeguarding their water supply.

David Harland, Eden Project International’s CEO, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with our Costa Rican friends both at Eden Project and on site at the Matambú Nature Reserve. Costa Rica has long been a leader in eco-tourism and the global environmental agenda.

“Costa Rica’s commitment to protecting the remarkable in-country biodiversity, alongside sustainable tourism makes this partnership a perfect fit for Eden and we are proud to be showcasing this wonderful country during our Costa Rica Festival.”

Entry to the Costa Rica Festival is included in standard Eden Project admission. For more information or to buy tickets, see www.edenproject.com

For more information about Costa Rica, see www.visitcostarica.com/uk