Cornwall councillors have discussed the possibility of introducing a residents' parking scheme in one area of Falmouth.

Whilst a council survey in 2016 showed that the majority of Falmouth residents were against the introduction of a parking scheme, many of those living in Smithick ward supported the idea.

With its proximity to the town centre, university campus, and high concentration of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), Smithick ward suffers from a significant lack of parking space.

Cornwall councillor for Smithick Jayne Kirkham said: "I know that there's real strength of feeling because people have bought housing in Falmouth and they think 'why can't we park outside our houses?'"

The councillor is now working to have another parking consultation done, this time just for residents of Smithick ward, to gauge people's interest in the scheme.

She said: "That is the biggest and most obvious action we can take."

Residents' parking permits, if the scheme is introduced, would cost £50 for the first, and £75 for any additional permits.

Other options on the table include providing alternative parking locations further afield for residents who own a car but do not drive often.

Councillor Kirkham is also working to improve cycle lanes in Falmouth to encourage sustainable transport and reduce the need for parking spaces.

Regarding parking spaces being used by university students, she said: "There are more cars when the students are there but there are more people in houses when the students are there, so it's logical."

One idea was for the university to introduce a car rental service so that it could "tell students not to bring their cars, and if they wanted to go surfing at the weekend they could borrow one."

35 per cent of frequent visitors surveyed in 2016 regularly used on-street parking, whilst 61 per cent used off-street public car parks.

65 per cent of Falmouth residents who responded to the survey agreed that on-street parking conflicted with their needs.