A group of heroic teenagers took part in a beach rescue when three fashion students became cut off by the tide at Maenporth.

Adam Forbes was celebrating his 15th birthday with friends when they noticed that the three fashionistas, who had been doing a photo shoot on the rocks, had become trapped.

He hopped onto his kayak and paddled over to the group to check on them while his friend Josh ran across the clifftops, and they kept the trio calm whilst waiting for the coastguard to arrive.

Adam said: "Everyone worked together. It was definitely inspiring. It's quite reassuring to know that we can keep quite calm while in a non-every-day situation like that. It was a good motivator."

Josh Strange, who goes to Falmouth School with Adam, said that the experience has inspired him to look at a career as a coastguard.

He said: "I helped someone instead of just worrying about what was happening. I felt really relieved, sort of like a hero.

"I have thought about being a coastguard, I had wanted to go into the navy but this sort of changed my mind. It's inspired me even more."

The three students were trapped on the rocks for around an hour or so whilst Adam, Josh and their friends helped them by taking some of their outfits and equipment back to the shore in dry bags.

Falmouth Coastguard was called and were unable to get down the cliff face to lift the casualties up, and so Falmouth Inshore Lifeboat attended and rescued them from the water.

Adam said: "I haven't gone to surf lifesaving or anything, but I do quite enjoy the sea and Maenporth is my stomping ground."

He went on to say: "It's good to stay calm in situations like that, taking a nice calm approach to it because it keeps them calm as well."