Sewage appeared to flood into Falmouth Harbour yesterday evening after heavy rain caused the water to turn brown.

This photograph was sent in to the Packet shortly before 5.30pm by Kim Brown, showing the water under the Prince of Wales Pier to be darker brown colour, in contrast to the cleaner water further out in the River Fal.

It followed extremely heavy rainfall in the town shortly before.

Kim said: “After tonight’s deluge the main sewer underneath the pier discharged into the harbour.

“A brown, stinking slick poured out. Even the seagulls wouldn’t sit in it.”

A South West Water spokesperson said: "Following heavy rainfall late yesterday afternoon, there was a temporary stormwater overflow near the Prince of Wales Pier, Falmouth.

"We received a report of some detritus being discharged and this is being investigated. 

"As part of our Love Your Loo campaign we encourage customers not to flush wet wipes and other items down the toilet."

It is not the first time that there has been a problem with sewage at the pier.

Two years ago boat owners complained of having to "wade through churned up poo that looks like brown pea soup" covering the steps near the Prince of Wales Pier.

At the time pier master Chris King said he had received such reports “on several occasions” and had been told the problem was caused by a collapsed pipe on private property.

A South West Water spokesperson added that the spill, in June 2017, was unintentional and came from a pipe which is designed to discharge only surface water.

Neither Falmouth pier master nor anyone from the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners’ office could be contacted.