Helston's Meneage Road has been described as "not fit for pedestrians" by two concerned residents who have launched a petition calling for a crossing to be installed.

Describing the road as "just so dangerous," Pam Schofield and Sharron Hough have already collected 567 signatures in two weeks and said support had been almost unanimous.

Sharron said: "A lot of the mothers have said they can't let their children walk to or from school as it's too dangerous. I know they have got a lollipop lady there, but she's nearly got run over three times."

She pointed out that a lot of pupils also walked home from school later, due to clubs, when the crossing patrol officer was not there, and there was similarly no help during holidays.

It wasn't just young children struggling to cross either, with elderly people trying to visit the cemetery having "no hope."

"I stopped a young lad when gathering signatures and he said he works at Sainsbury's and has been waiting ten minutes before being able to cross the road," she added.

Pam said they had also be told it was difficult for people on mobility scooters, saying: "One woman said she just shut her eyes and went for it."

The pair acknowledged that there would be a cost involved, but Sharron added: "What price life?"

They believed there were two main issues making the road so hard to cross: motorists ignoring the 30mph speed limit and increased volume of traffic in recent years, following the addition of the Clodgey Way bypass and extra houses being built.

They also pointed out that Trengrouse Way, which used to be the main road in and out of town before the bypass was built, diverting traffic more along Meneage Road, had both a crossing and traffic islands.

Pam said they had been told a pedestrian crossing had to be placed between two pavements, which was currently only possible near the junction with Anson Way.

However, she and Sharron plan to ask the Helston Downsland Trust, which owns many of the green spaces along Meneage Road, whether a pavement could be added along a stretch of one, to allow a crossing further down.

The pair plan to attend this Thursday's meeting of Helston Town Council to ask for members' support for their petition.

They have also written to Cornwall Council cabinet member for transport Geoff Brown, who had promised to visit but had yet to set a date.

They thanked the staff in Spar who had been "brilliant" at getting signatures on the petition.