Vandals strike again at school

VANDALS have attacked another Falmouth school.

King Charles had 14 windows smashed at the weekend – the third attack by vandals in a month.

Headmaster Mr Bill Adams said he and the staff were very upset by what had happened, having recently suffered a spate of wanton vandalism at the school.

A tree planted in memory of a teacher was destroyed earlier this month and the school swimming pool was also attacked for a second time this week.

Mr Adams said the smashed windows were in various parts of the school and were found when staff arrived on Monday.

Police are seeking information from anyone who saw people acting suspiciously on the school premises.

Robbers attack widow on visit to war grave

By Stephen Ivall

A PENRYN widow's trip to Italy to commemorate the 50th anniversary of her brother's death at his graveside was ruined within an hour of arriving in the country as two men attacked her and tried to drag her from a car.

Mrs Valerie Dunstan, of Saracen Way, was looking forward to her second visit to Monte Cassino, where her brother Dennis Rollason was buried 50 years ago after losing his life at the height of the Italian campaign.

Mrs Dunstan's son Robert made the trip to Italy with her and it was as they left Naples airport in a hire car and came to a halt in traffic that the thugs struck at 10.30pm.

"Two men wrenched open the car door and tried to drag me out," said Mrs Dunstan. "Luckily I had my seatbelt on. They grabbed my handbag after leaning right over my lap.

"My son tried to get out to help me, but he was warned against it by another car driver."

The thieves got away with the handbag, which contained half of the couple's money and traveller's cheques as well as Mrs Dunstan's glasses, a medical card and driving licence.

The Italian police are now investigating the incident.

Mrs Dunstan, 68, was determined not to let the theft ruin her seven-day stay in Italy, but she admits: "For the first two days I was in a hell of a state."

The 're-cycled' mayor is unanimously re-elected

A JOKE about Geoffrey Evans being a "recycled" mayor brought laughter from the audience at the mayor-making ceremony in Falmouth last week.

Councillor John Rose nominated Mr Evans for a second consectuive year as mayor of the town and said: "As we know this will be the second year of this cycle. It is the second cycle that Councillor Evans has been proposed as mayor for this town.

"There was quite a spell of years between the two cycles. I would not want anyone to believe he has been recycled."

Mr Rose added: "Last year we had grey hair, this year it has been complemented by spectacles - who knows what is next?"

Then on a more serious note he said: "He believes in being accessible to all. The parlour is always open. I have great pleasure in proposing him once more."

Mr Evans, who was mayor between 1976 and 1978, was unanimously re-elected as the town mayor for 1994-95.

Councillor Robert Gray was also unanimously re-elected as deputy mayor for another year.

Councillor Olive White proposed him saying: "My colleague from Arwenack ward was elected to this council and the district council in May 1991 and in that short time he has proved himself a reliable person and very conscientious.

"Mr Gray has thrown himself wholeheartedly into the affairs of Falmouth at both town council and district council level. Any task he sets himself to do he carries through thoroughly."