A swimmer being swept close to rocks by the rough sea had to be rescued from a rip tide.

Mullion Coastguard Rescue Team were scrambled just before 1.30pm yesterday to Poldhu, where the 52-year-old woman had been spotted in difficulties.

Using specialist water rescue equipment, and with a ‘spotter’ on the cliff above to guide them, the volunteers helped the woman back to the shoreline.

The Penlee Lifeboat and 924 coastguard search and rescue helicopter were also sent to the beach, but were not needed this time.

A coastguard spokesperson said: “The casualty was swept closer to the beach and rocks by the tide, where a member of Mullion Coastguard Rescue Team quickly and safety assisted the casualty back to the shoreline.

“This shout could have ended very differently, due to the rough sea condition, but thanks to our quick response time it was a safe ending.”

The woman was passed in to the care of co-responders from Mullion and an ambulance team, to be checked over.

*If you see someone you think is in trouble on the coast or at sea, call 999 and ask for the coastguard.