An historic building harbour building will be open to the public this Bank Holiday Monday as part of ongoing efforts to save its future.

The Fishermen’s Rest in Coverack will be open on Monday and again on Tuesday for people to see the artefacts, pictures and paintings displayed there. There will also be free refreshments, including tea, coffee and cake.

The building on the edge of the harbour needs extensive refurbishment and a new roof, with work unable to begin until a target of £22,000 has been reached.

A committee set up to raise the funds has already amassed more than £17,500 and is now hoping that getting people to see the building will help raise the final shortfall.

Once the essential maintenance has been completed, fund raising will continue to turn the building into an information and display centre for the village and its visitors from all over the world.

A spokesperson said: “While the focus will be on the historical importance of the Rest and the harbour, the amazing work of the local RNLI and its brave volunteers, in a succession of Coverack lifeboats, will form the centrepiece.”

It is also planned to create a community centre with proper catering facilities for the many organisations that use the building, especially local young people.