PLASTIC waste collected by pupils from a Falmouth primary school will be remodelled into a stage at this year's Glastonbury Festival.

Pupils from Marlborough School assisted with a #litterheroes challenge in the south west, by collecting waste from the streets and park near their school.

All the plastic waste will be remodelled into a stage at the forthcoming Glastonbury music festival.

Abigail Squibb, headteacher of Marlborough School said: “It’s important for the pupils to take personal responsibility and give back to their local community.

"This project was a great opportunity to support their learning experience around the topic of oceans, and understand first-hand the importance of the need to reduce the volume of one-use plastic and the harm it causes to our local environment.”

Falmouth resident and parent at Marlborough School, Lucy Symonds, signed up to be one of a 100 litter heroes in the south west, a challenge involving a few weeks to fill a large dumpy bag with plastic waste collected from the local area.

Symonds welcomed the opportunity to build a daily walk into her busy working day, by combining a litter-pick with a good deed for the environment. She has inspired other family members to get involved, and most recently reached out to Marlborough School for added support.

All the plastic waste collected will be donated to Exeter City Council, who will then sort, shred and manufacture it into a stage for the forthcoming Glastonbury music festival, for the Gas Tower stage and dance arena.

This initiative is the brainchild of Keep Britain Tidy, Orca Sound Project and Shangri-La Glastonbury.

“It’s amazing what you find on the streets. If everyone pledged to pick up a piece of litter each time they left their house, the streets and local beaches would be free from waste, which if left could have a devastating effect on ocean marine life.” said Lucy.

Her employer Phoenix Group has further supported this challenge by donating litter-picking equipment to Marlborough School and enabled her to combine community volunteering hours with a personal challenge.

You can read further updates on the plastic collection challenge at #roadtoglasto2019.