A number of people are said to have shown interest in buying one of the most sought after properties in Helston, Lismore House.

The house and its 2.6 acres of grounds were buzzing with people this Flora Day as crowds gathered to watch the Midday Dance go past Lismore's iconic lake.

Less than 24 hours later it was the talk of Helston again, for a very different reason: the property had been put up for sale by its owner of the last 24 years, Michael Jay, with a list price of £2 million.

It is being marketed through Helston estate agents Christophers, with owner Alan Christophers saying people had been in touch both locally and from up country with a view to potentially taking it on.

He told the Packet this week: "There's been an encouraging amount of interest shown in the property, although it remains available at the present time.

"We got a couple of people who are making the right sort of noises."

Mr Christophers said the listing had "created a lot of talk" in the town, with a "huge" amount of people saying they would love to live there if they had the money, but that there were a few people showing more serious intentions.

Of course the main concern from many people in Helston is the continued use of the gardens on Flora Day by any new owner.

Current owner Mr Jay has always let the Midday Dance and Evening Dance break in the gardens every Flora Day, with the Children’s Dance also passing through part of the grounds.

Whoever buys the property will not be bound to continue allowing the Flora Dance to come through, although Mr Jay has made it known through the estate agents that it is his "very dear wish" that the new owners welcome the chance to continue the tradition.

The Grade II listed property in Cross Street is believed to have built at some point between 1810 and 1820 for Glyn Grylls, a solicitor in the town. In around 1840 it was extended, probably by the architect George Wightwick, and the conservatory was thought to have been added in around 1890.

It first became a listed property in 1972 and was included in the 'Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England' in 1994.

The seven-bedroom house has separate service quarters and a wine cellar, as well as an 80' former rifle range and a walled vegetable garden.

In the sales details Christophers Estate Agents states: “Lismore presents itself as a virtually unique opportunity to acquire such a large property, with magnificent grounds, in such close proximity to a town centre.

“The current owner acquired the property in late 1995 and the previous owner had been there since 1937, so opportunities to acquire this residence are certainly few and far between.”