Steve Eva, Liberal Democrat town councillor for Falmouth's Boslowick ward, formally took up his post as town mayor at a ceremony on Monday.

The mayor making evening was well attended and town hall was packed with members of the public and dignitaries from other towns.

The evening was not without controversy though, as outgoing mayor Grenville Chappel made a last-minute bid to remain in his role for another year.

Councillor Eva was chosen as the town's mayor back in March, with last night's mayor making evening intended to be more for ceremonial purposes.

Councillor Chappel, who has been mayor since 2016, decided to put himself forward for the role the day of the ceremony.

Councillor for Penwerris ward Mathew McCarthy had strong words for the outgoing mayor at the ceremony.

He said: "Can I ask why are the procedures being ignored? You have had three years of being mayor, one more than you had agreed to.

"Do you not think it's somewhat low and despicable to do this for your ego? Why do you think it's appropriate for someone in your position to act this way?"

In response, councillor Chappel said that he had been approached by "hundreds" of people who did not agree that councillor Eva should be mayor.

Addressing councillor McCarthy, he said: "I never said I would stay for three years. You can shake your head all you like. After councillor Eva has been proposed, I have had hundreds of people come up and say they didn't want Steve Eva as mayor. I'm a councillor to represent the people of Falmouth, and I feel it's my duty to represent them.

"That's why I did this (at this very untimely time, I agree), and decide to move forward with my proposal."

Councillors then held a vote in which it was determined that councillor Eva should take over from councillor Chappel as mayor.

There was a resounding round of applause in the council chambers when councillor Eva was elected.

At that, councillor Chappel addressed the new mayor and said: "May I be the first to congratulate you. What I have done, I've done always on the behalf of the people of Falmouth as I explained then. I will serve you and be happy to do so."

In his acceptance speech, councillor Eva said: "I want to thank the councillors, not only for supporting me, but for the amount of time they spend round this table with no pay at all. Making decisions that will improve things for the town."

Councillor Eva proposed that councillor Trish Minson take over from councillor Tony Parker as deputy mayor, saying that she has been a "huge help" in her role.

Councillor Chappel then thanked council staff and his wife for the support throughout the years and presented them with gifts.