Contractors carrying out work on a contentious student development in Falmouth have been subject to harassment and vandalism.

Jeff Bottono, from Brady Construction, spoke to the Packet about the hurdles the team has faced so far in the early stages of building the controversial student accommodation block in Fish Strand Hill.

Workers have been confronted by members of the public when visiting the site, fences have been torn down and removable bollards fixed in place with super glue.

Jeff said: "I'm guessing that this is just certain individuals venting their frustration that the project's actually happening and coming to fruition."

A sign outside the site has also been vandalised with the message: "Nobody wants this. Shame on Brady Construction Services. #neverworkincornwallagain."

The Packet was contacted by a member of Smithick Ward Residents' Association, who wished to remain anonymous.

They said: "Whilst we do not condone any form of vandalism or graffiti the words 'nobody wants this' is echoed by our community. We have been asked to 'work with' Brady Construction but to what end? This development is and will remain unwelcome by absolutely everyone that lives in this town."

Jeff said he understood the frustration of residents opposed to the new accommodation block, but stressed that the project is still going ahead.

He said: "We are sympathetic to the situation and we are not antagonising anyone, but we have agreed to go into contract with the customer."

He encouraged those responsible to "think about what they're doing because it's being monitored closely," as CCTV cameras have been installed. He went on to say: "I can understand a bit of frustration but it's not going to do anything for them going forward."

He added that the project manager and design manager were "born and bred in Falmouth," and that "they live in Falmouth and have all their lives, so they're not going to go around upsetting people because it's their home."

The development at Fish Strand Hill has attracted controversy since its inception.

Plans for the 112-bed student accommodation building in the town centre were rejected by Cornwall Council but passed on appeal by the planning inspectorate in Bristol in December 2017.