With a unique set of antiques, Bygone Days Trading is tucked away in what used to be the quaker church, now called The Curious Hall. A building with such history is an apt location for the vintage sellers, while trying to incorporate the town’s history into their business.

Family run by Angie and Lyn Harrison, the pair have a great knowledge of the past in Falmouth. Posters in the window celebrate the recent wartime anniversaries in the town. “People don’t realise the history of Falmouth,” Angie said. “We try to capture that here.”

Antiques are bought from all over the country at different auctions, before being brought back to be sold in the shop. “We source items that we fall in love with ourselves, but it is identifying those items which will put a smile on a customer face” a flyer states.

“We don’t just get the elderly coming in, also school children looking for all sorts for their projects. We help out wherever we can.” Angie had spent time as a teacher previously, and combined with Lyn’s knowing of Falmouth’s past, they are able to explain a lot of events to a variety of people.

Their most popular items include World War 2 collectables such as medals and items actually used during that time period.

Having previously been based in Pool Market, they took the decision to move onto the High Street in Falmouth. “It made sense really,” Lyn says. “We want to be where the people are.”

Situated next to the art gallery, it is almost an art gallery itself, showcasing antiques that span the decades.

Bygone Days Trading has almost anything you can think of, with a trip in there it is almost impossible to leave empty handed.

Bygone Days Trading is open 7 days a week and can be found on Webber Street, Falmouth.