Sounds ok is a staple in Falmouth town culture, having been open for over 30 years. The store front has always been recognisable, having CDs and vinyl line every inch of the store front.

It is run by Martin Seviour, who took over after the passing of his best friend, Brian O’Connell. They had worked together for many years with Martin having been at the shop for 10.

“Brian has made the shop what it is today,” Martin says. “It’s a shame he had to leave me with it.”

The main market for the store is selling vinyl, which is ever increasing in popularity. “People don’t want CDs or DVDs anymore, what with Spotify and Netflix around,” Martin explained. “But what people do love is the quality of music and having an original to listen to.”

Sounds ok used to operate from within the market that was where Wetherspoons is now.

Since Brian’s passing, Martin has installed speakers that project onto Arwenack Street. “People didn’t realise I was here. Now they turn their heads and think, ‘where’s that coming from?’ It’s brought in a lot of new faces.”

Martin has a great knowledge of music, and when asked if he knew everything within the shop, he replied: “Basically yes! If you name it, I can find it.”

The shop stocks DVDs, blu-rays, tapes and hundreds of CDs and vinyl records. “The records are the real pull. They’ll be the reason we’ll be open in years to come.”

Sounds ok is open Monday to Saturday 11-5, and can be found on Arwenack Street opposite The Stable.