A man from Falmouth who left his injured dog suffer for almost two weeks has been banned from keeping animals.

Aaron Pill, of Tresawle Road, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a beagle called Archie.

The RSPCA was forced to intervene and rescue Archie, after concerns were raised about the 24-year-old failing to get the dog treated for an injury for almost two weeks.

Pill had taken Archie to a vet on December 27 last year, where it was discovered he had injured his leg and it was in need of urgent treatment.

After concerns that Pill could not afford the treatment a call was made to the RSPCA, which offered to cover the cost. However, Pill turned down the offer of help and claimed his dog had received treatment at another veterinary practice.

Despite attempts from the RSPCA to follow up on the condition of the dog, Pill refused to show the charity’s inspectors that Archie was getting better.

On January 10 this year, Archie was found to be unable to bear weight on his untreated leg and was seized by police.

RSPCA inspector Paul Kempson, who investigated for the animal welfare charity, said: “It’s shocking that Archie was left to suffer and that this physical distress was prolonged by the neglectful lack of action by Pill - who had even been offered help to cover the cost of Archie’s treatment by the RSPCA.

“There is never an excuse for leaving an animal to suffer needlessly where there is clearly an urgent need for veterinary treatment.

“Our pets are reliant on us and when an animal is injured it’s an owner’s duty to ensure they receive the veterinary care they need.”

Pill appeared before magistrates in Truro on Tuesday (May 21) and was disqualified from keeping animals for the next two years. He was also fined £750 and order to pay a £20 victim surcharge, with magistrates ordering that Archie be taken away from him.