There could be some progress in the ongoing saga of the collapsed wall in Helston.

Part of the pavement in Godolphin Road has been blocked since the wall fell in late 2015.

It has been propped up with large rubble bags ever since, resulting in a narrowed access for pavement users and an eyesore for those living opposite.

Despite regular chasing from the town council on what enforcement action is being taken, Cornwall Council has continued to simply say the situation remains “ongoing” – until now.

At a recent meeting of the town’s planning committee, deputy town clerk Pamela Lavelle had an update.

She said she had been contacted by a member of Cornwall Council’s building control team, who said the owner of the property was getting designs for a replacement wall.

It will be a glimmer of hope for residents on that road, who have been left frustrated by the lack of action for three and a half years.

Over the new year, one person even went so far as to decorate the rubble bags with balloons and a sign stating “Three years and counting”, as a visual reminder of how long the problem has gone on for.