In this age of search engine optimisation (SEO to those in the know), the name of an establishment - be it a shop, a business or a restaurant - is of huge importance.

Some eateries go for funkier, individual names, but the trick these days is to find a web-friendly name that foodie browsers are likely to sniff out online.

So while Harbour View may not be the most original of monikers, the name of this Falmouth restaurant is unmistakable.

If it's a view of the harbour you're looking for, this is the place for you.

Situated in Arwenack Street, amongst many other restaurants with far less geographically revealing names, potential customers are at first drawn in by an outside decking area at the top of a handful of steps.

We chose to eat inside as there was a keen May wind blowing and I didn't fancy rescuing my napkin from an unsuspecting passer-by's face.

From the first minute until the last, the service was immaculate. We were greeted by a friendly, polite waiter and seated at a table with a cracking view of - yes, you guessed it - the harbour.

I opted for a chicken and chorizo baked panini which was beautifully presented and very subtle in taste. There is always a risk that chorizo will blaze a trail through other flavours, but this was a very well balanced sandwich.

We opted for some halloumi fries to accompany it (my partner had a steak panini) which were deliciously delicate.

There were some impressive main courses too, which we both eschewed only due to lack of hunger levels.

The smoked haddock and cheese fish cake, rocket salad, poached egg and hollandaise caught my eye; while a splendid vegan option was the Thai sweet potato and coconut curry, lime and coriander rice, quinoa and spring onions.

There was an impressive list of wines from all around the world but we settled for a Chenin Blanc, a solid citizen which seems to be experiencing a renaissance period in restaurants and supermarkets.

The desserts had some serious wow factor.

Mine was a hot chocolate and orange fondant, hazelnuts and jaffa cake ice cream. Pushing my spoon into the hard exterior created a satisfying pop, from which emanated the gooey, warm fondant centre.

The contrast of hot and cold is a key factor for me in a dessert and the ice cream was the ideal foil.

Again, presentation was clearly of huge importance to the chef, with the plate decorated with small pieces of white chocolate and other less identifiable extras.

My partner opted for a lemon and lime posset, raspberry puree, biscotti, which had more piquancy than a slice of Stewart Lee stand-up.

Our cost (two people, including bottle of wine): £54

Address: 24 Arwenack St, Falmouth TR11 3JB

Hours: 9am to 9pm (there are breakfast, lunch and evening menus)

Phone: 01326 315315


Atmosphere: 3/5

Décor: 4/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Overall: 4/5

Food Standards Agency Food Hygiene Rating: 5/5

In order to ensure objective reviews, the Mystery Diner is carried out on an independent basis without the prior knowledge of the establishment.