FIVE sailing clubs in Cornwall welcomed visitors to the RYA Push the Boat Out events, which offered tasters in windsurfing as well as sailing, for a low fee or for free.

The events are part of RYA’s national campaign to get more people out onto the water, with the month of open days seeing thousands of people in the UK get afloat.

Tony Wood, RYA SW regional development officer, said: “It’s fantastic to hear that so many people have been able to take this opportunity to get active on the water and involved with our sport."

At the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, 150 people registered for on-the-water sessions in a variety of yachts, dinghies and launches in perfect weather, and while the weather was not so good at Flushing Sailing Club’s event, more than 30 people went out, and several returned the following week to do it all again.

Tony added: “Well done and many thanks to all the club co-ordinators and volunteers for putting such a huge amount of time and effort into running these events to make them so welcoming and positive for those who take part.”

The RYA is responsible for one of the UK’s most successful Olympic sailing teams and are looking to promote the sport by making all forms of boating available to everyone.