Penryn Athletic FC's founder has addressed an offensive tweet that was posted on the club's Twitter page.

Referencing BBC Radio Cornwall sports commentator Jack Murley, the tweet said: "I agree he mentioned he is gay four times in a hour I do not have radio Cornwall on any more".

It was posted yesterday (Sunday June 9) and has since been deleted. The person running the page has apologised and said the account was hacked.

Mike Young, the club's co-founder, also claimed that the account was hacked and the person in charge of it is "very vulnerable" due to health problems.

He believed that the controversy over the tweet was exaggerated, saying: "They seem to have these people there who are attracting problems and sort of making a lot out of them. I think they're fishing for trouble, these people, everybody on Twitter."

He added: "I wouldn't have said that sort of thing but a lot of people think it."

Jack Murley responded to the club's tweet by saying he would not report on Penryn Athletic FC's games in the future after what he described as "homophobic abuse".

Yesterday evening (Sunday June 9), he posted another tweet saying that "Penryn Athletic don't deserve the hate they're getting", going on to say: "They're a good club with great fans and players, and the fact one person has done something homophobic and daft doesn't change that. I don't care who that person was - and I don't need to know. But I hope they read this.

"I shouldn't have to put up with homophobic abuse, but do regularly and, to be honest, I'm pretty numb to it at this point. But what I'll never get over is the way it hurts my family and friends. Seeing them get angry and upset over this; seeing their frustration because there's nothing they can do to stop it. Yeah, that hurts a lot - and it's an impact of homophobia that no-one ever talks about. But for me, the pain it causes my loved ones is far worse than the pain it could ever cause me."

The Penryn Athletic FC Twitter account has gone private since the controversial post.