Falmouth's mayor has expressed concern that sewage could be pumped from a new Linden Homes development into the sea at Swanpool Beach.

South West Water plans to lay a new pipe to discharge surface water (run-off from rainfall) from the housing development onto the beach.

The utilities company also plans to discharge foul sewage from the houses into an existing sewer in Swanpool Road.

Town mayor Steve Eva said at a meeting of Falmouth Town Council's planning committee on Monday (June 10) that he worried the pipe flowing onto the beach will be used for foul sewage if the existing sewer can not cope with the influx.

He said: "If South West Water can't cope they can pump the sewage into the sea. If you pump sewage into the sea that's going to be the beaches closed.

"I can't say I'm happy at all. South West Water are very happy to say they can cope, but they can't cope."

A South West Water spokesperson said that the Swanpool itself, an important ecological site, will not be affected by the run-off.

They also mentioned that a filter will be fitted in the housing development to make sure no harmful substances find their way onto the beach.

The spokesperson said: "Both South West Water and Linden Homes appreciate the status of the beach, and for that reason Linden Homes is proposing to install a filter (interceptor) on the development which is designed to remove any harmful substance (e.g. oil) that could infiltrate the surface water drainage system."

The new surface water pipe will either connect to an existing highways run-off pipe at Swanpool Beach or discharge at a new outlet nearby.

The spokesperson went on to note that the surface water pipe is not designed to carry sewage or chemicals.