Drama students from Truro School have been showcasing their skills at local primary schools as part of an outreach programme.

They have also been holding free masterclasses and workshops for primary schools across the county, including Devoran and Bosvigo Schools.

They provides students the opportunity to engage and interact with other schools and develop their mentoring skills.

Ben Oldfield, Truro School's director of drama, said: "One of the loveliest things about the project is working with young people from across the county.

"You can see the children’s eyes light up when our students start to perform; it’s wonderful watching the children laughing, pondering and reflecting on the ethical message behind the story. The children have also been participating enthusiastically in the interactive workshops.

“Our drama students have become proficient practitioners of their art – a truly functional theatre ensemble delivering a clever performance without a set, costume or make-up to hide behind. They really have delivered the show with professionalism and decorum.”

Headmaster Andrew Gordon-Brown said: "It is an absolute pleasure to share our excellent resources with the wider community. At Truro School, we understand that education is about far more than students achieving a clutch of grade-A results.

"We have always favoured a holistic approach, putting emphasis on the importance of a fully-rounded, character-building timetable that extends far beyond the set academic curriculum.

"One crucial aspect of this is getting students involved in the community, whether that’s through our outreach programme or charitable work at home and abroad.”

Their play, The Promise, was written by Mr Oldfield and is a retelling of a Balinese folk story about a young woman who promises to marry a prince in jest before getting engaged to another man.

The story raises a number of moral and ethical questions surrounding the power of a promise and is presented in a humourous way.