A woman has relived the terrifying moment she was chased to her front door by a man in black who then tried to grab her, in a bid to warn others.

A Facebook post at the weekend urged women to stay alert when walking home late at night, after two allegations of people being followed in Falmouth.

In both alleged incidents a “man dressed in black” wearing a hooded top to cover his face had followed the women home – and in one, even went so far as to grab her.

Now one of victims has come forward to speak to the Packet, to tell other women "not to walk alone at night".

Asking not to be identified, she recalled the moment she realised she was being followed.

She said: "I became aware that there was someone behind me, and then when he also followed me into my road I ran, but he also ran and caught up with me on my doorstep.

"He repeatedly asked to be let in to my house and then grabbed me and pulled me towards him. He did not go when I asked him to, so I went to my neighbours front door and he only left when I said I was going to call them.

"It was a scary experience and I would definitely be saying for women not to walk alone at night."

She believed there was a "significant connection" between her experience and the woman in the other alleged incident, which is claimed to have taken place only three days earlier.

"I think the significant connection between me and the other female, rather than being where we were followed to was that we both seem to have been followed from The Moor.

"Whether or not it was the same person is unclear although it seems likely as she reported a similar story the day before I did."

She described the man as being around 5ft 3in or 5ft 4in, of slim build and aged 30 or under. She added that he has wide cheek bones and angular features, with a pointed chin.

Her warning comes after Harry Hewlett wrote a post on Facebook titled “Warning: women in Falmouth area.”

He claimed: “Two incidents in the last week where a woman has been walking home late at night and been followed by a man described as in his 30s, medium height, dressed in black with a hoodie on hiding his face.

“The first incident occurred on Lambs Lane last Tuesday (June 4), the guy got as far as the driveway before going away.

“The second incident occurred on Albany Road last Friday (June 7). The guy followed the woman to her door, grabbed her as she tried to enter her house and then left after she threatened to wake up her neighbours.

“The police have been informed of both incidents. Take care and stay safe.”

A police spokesperson has now confirmed a report was made at 1.25am on Saturday, June 8 regarding the Albany Road incident.

"Woman approached and followed by unknown man. The woman got herself away safely and contacted police. Local officers have been made aware," said the spokesperson.

Police could not find a report on their logs regarding an incident in Lambs Lane.