New Porthleven manager Graham Blake is aiming to bring the feel-good factor back to the club.

Blake and co-manager Jamie Thomson left Helston Athletic's Combination League side to take over at Gala Parc last month after the departure of Alan Carey to Bodmin Town.

"We're just trying to bring the feel-good back to Porthleven because it's been sat there simmering for a few years. It's a great club, great community down there," Blake said. "I think it just needed lifting, really."

The pair signed off at Kellaway Park off the back of an excellent campaign, winning the Supplementary League Cup and guiding the team to their best league finish for 44 years, but Blake knows that success will not come to their new club overnight.

"It's going to be a four-year plan," he said. "It's trying to, in the first year, cement ourselves and grow from there. We know we're not going to win the league the first year we're there, and we probably won't win it in the second year, but come third or fourth year we certainly hope to be challenging."

Blake is hoping to revive the town's interest in and support for the club by restoring the club's link with the community.

He is also hoping to restore links within the club itself by strengthening the bond between each of the club's teams.

The early signs are good, with 35 players having turned up for the first and second team in pre-season.

"With Porthleven as well it's such a big community," he said. "I've been there networking in the last couple of weeks in the surrounding pubs and local businesses just letting them know what's going on and everyone's really interested and upbeat about putting bums on seats on a Saturday.

"When we got asked to do the job we went down there [Gala Parc] ourselves on a weeknight and it was a sunny day and just walking around it we were like, 'what a place'.

"It's got so much potential, and seeing the second team be a bit disappointing last year and then the first team doing quite well, there's obviously something there that needs to be sorted out, so for us as well it's to bring the first team and second team a lot closer, not just on the pitch but off the pitch as well.

"There's a women's team and a Flexi league and hopefully in the future we can start a youth system as well. The plan is to make Porthleven grow, not just let it stand still."