Replacing Helston's pavements with resin has been suggested as a way of making them safer.

It comes at the same time as Meneage Street resident Sue Moss's campaign fighting for Cornwall Council to take responsibility and properly repair Helston's pavements, after she fell and broke her hip in two places 15 months ago, as a result of a loose paving slab - as reported in last week's Packet.

Sue told the Packet she had heard from a number of people since the article was published last week and would be following up on the various stories, to compile a report for Cornwall Council.

She is not the only one to have complained recently about the state of the pavements, however, with the issue also raised at the last meeting of Helston Town Council's project group.

Updating the full council on Thursday, projects officer Martin Searle said: "The project group discussed the generally poor condition of the pavements within the town centre.

"Group members recognised that funding is not likely to be available for wholesale reinstatement of broken and poor quality concrete paving in granite, but wondered if the use of resin bound surfacing similar to that used at Monument Walk might be an option as it has a more pleasing appearance than black tarmacadam and is available in colours that would harmonise well with sections of existing granite pavement."

He is to report on this idea further at a future meeting.

Members had felt pavements were particularly important as without the draw of harbours and beaches, inland towns such as Helston needed to "present well" to both residents and visitors.

A report with photographs highlighting the worst areas in Coinagehall Street and Meneage Street had been sent to Highways Authority more than 12 months ago, but had not resulted in any significant action, added Mr Searle.

The report would now be updated where necessary, so that the group could renew its efforts in lobbying for work to be carried out.

Improvement of the pavements was amongst a document commissioned by the town council as far back as 2015, to look at ways of regenerating the town, and former mayor Gillian Geer had restoring Helston's granite paving as her chosen fundraising project during both her terms in office.

When it became clear from Cormac Highways that there would be no significant amount of money available purely for aesthetic work, the project group sought quotes to replace just the granite paving outside the Central Methodist Church in Coinagehall Street, as a starting point, to see how much extra it would cost in addition to the donations already received.

However, despite putting the work out to tender to three companies in February, as of this month only only quote had come back - despite "persistent chasing," according to Mr Searle, who asked to continue seeking quotes.