Police have confirmed that arsonists targeted several vehicles in Helston in the early hours of this morning (Wednesday June 26).

Two cars were set on fire in Penberthy Road along with a van in Oliver's Terrace at around 2.45am.

An eyewitness saw two men running away from one of the vehicles that was set alight.

No one was injured in the attacks, but residents of six homes in Oliver's Terrace had to be evacuated as the flaming van rolled down the street and spread the blaze to two cars.

Falmouth Packet:

Resident Maria Strachan, 53, said "it was more or less daylight" because of the intensity of the fire when she saw two men fleeing.

She added: "I just don't feel safe being here. I live on my own. It could happen to me any time, I could be at the back door. I don't know who's going to come in here and set alight to it.

"It could be anybody, any time. It's frightening. It's frightening for me."

Falmouth Packet:

Two more cars caught alight when the flaming van rolled down the road in Oliver's Terrace

The van in Oliver's Terrace was ignited just outside David Cooper and Chrissie Cockram's bedroom window before its brakes failed and it rolled down the street.

David said: "The heat, the smell, it was awful. We just had to stand and wait and watch."

The van went up in flames directly outside their bedroom window, waking Chrissie up. She has had to book a doctor's appointment, saying "I didn't realise how much smoke I breathed in."

She added: "It has literally wiped out the entire road. And that's just not on. Just not on ... I know we're not staying here tonight. I know that much."

Falmouth Packet:

A third car was set on fire further up Penberthy Road (pictured)

Residents of Oliver's Terrace have now been allowed to return to their homes although police cordons remain in place around the burnt-out cars.

Police enquiries continue. Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101, or email 101@dc.police.uk, quoting log number 0086 of 26/06/19.