Helston residents spoke to the Packet about the spate of arson attacks that took place in the early hours of this morning.

Maria Strachan, 53, witnessed two men running away from one of the fires and says that she no longer feels safe in her own home.

David Cooper, 36, had rented a van from Brittania Lanes that he had been using to help clear up rubbish after Flora Day.

The van, parked in Oliver's Terrace, was targeted overnight and he was woken up by the flames just outside his bedroom window.

He said: "I was worried the windows were going to literally blow and then we'd have glass coming in and everything.

"We came [out the back door], the neighbour as well, she came out about the same time, and we were just stood here and could see the fire over the top of the house.

"Billows of smoke, everything, the stench... And then it seemed to move down the road so I thought it had caught the other cars and spread I didn't realise the van itself had given up and gone its own merry way down there."

Falmouth Packet:

Chrissie Cockram, 38, moved to Helston from Newquay in April.

She said: "We thought yeah Newquay's going downhill, we'll come over here, it seems nice, and then that happened. And I thought it was rough over there, obviously not."

David added: "It's been a traumatic few hours to be fair. And we're just in limbo now, because it's not our place, we can't do anything, we've got to wait for other people. So we're kind of stuck here now."

Leanne Else, who lives in Penberthy Road, said that it was the first time since she moved to the area four months ago that she has not felt safe.

She said that her family in Mullion were also worried about her safety. She said: "My mum is concerned, there's not much she can do where she is."