A BAKERY in Falmouth is celebrating its 70th birthday this summer.

Choak’s Bakery, located at the bottom of Killigrew Street, was established after the end of the World War Two, when Joseph Henry Choak parted ways with Billie Rowe of what became Rowe's bakery and moved to Wodehouse bakery in Minnie Place.

The inspiration behind the current location and shop layout came from a trip to Scotland, which was where Choak's wife, Magdalene, was from.

Their son Charles Henry Choak, known by locals as 'Charlie Choak the pasty bloke', told the Packet of how his father was inspired by the open layout of a bakery there, where customers were able to see all the produce being made.

Upon returning to Falmouth, the site of what Charlie remembers as Ricky’s café was bought and has remained the home of Choak’s for more than 60 years now.

Speaking about the change in business that he has seen since starting work at the bakery at age 14, Charlie, who is now in his 70s, said: "You used to get a pasty and a pint in a pub, but you don’t see many pubs with pasties anymore.

"Pasties have changed too, you used to make them with mince meat and things like that and now it’s different all together and they’re a better quality than they were, but they used to be a cheap meal although I suppose they still are actually, if you compare them to other snacks like fish and chips."

In reference to the tourism trade, he noted: “Everyone is quick to link everything to Brexit, but I don’t think it’s really anything to do with that, I think it’s the weather.

"Last summer we had fantastic weather and it makes people want to come back.”

When asked about the future of the business he said how his daughter chose to go her own way and that he has been urged to pack it in, but added: “I’m not going to give up, I like to keep active.

"I don’t want to work full time, I only work holidays and sick days now.

"I’ll do another 10 years I expect, I’m going to live forever.”

The date of the anniversary is August 13 and although Charlie is unsure how the celebrations are going to shape up, he hopes to have souvenirs to give away to mark the occasion.