THE Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are set to make their annual trip to the Duchy later this month.

The visit of Prince Charles, who is addressed as the Duke of Cornwall when he is visiting, and Camilla, has been confirmed for Monday, July 15, and Tuesday, July 16.

They will spend their time visiting various locations in Cornwall and also in Devon, where they continue on Wednesday, July 16.

There, Prince Charles reverts to being addressed as The Prince of Wales.

The royals will make five stops in Cornwall, some as a pair and some separate.

Most of the locations cannot yet be revealed, but they are in mid and north Cornwall.

One engagement that can be made public is the Royals' visit to the Ginsters factory at Callington, where they will attend a garden party to celebrate the pasty maker's 50th anniversary.

The Duke and The Duchess of Cornwall will also attend a reception to celebrate the 50th anniversary of His Royal Highness’ chairmanship of the Duchy of Cornwall Prince’s Council at the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery in Lostwithiel.

The exact locations of the other stops can be made public closer to the time.