Work continues this morning to repair a sewage leak in Coverack.

On Thursday afternoon a warning to stay off the beach due to what was described as "a major sewage leak" was issued.

Locals reported on Friday morning that the leak had stopped and the road and runoff to the beach were now dry.

South West Water remains on scene with pumps and the Environment Agency has also been down.

St Keverne Parish Council has warned people to stay off the beach, with clerk Grace Hatton saying that Coverack councillor Bill Frisken had reported "a major sewage leak in Coverack that is running from the Mill Shop area across the road and onto the beach/into sea."

She added that the council wanted people to be aware, to stop them going on the beach.

Marshall Dagger, owner of the Old Mill Shop, said the source of the leak was higher up the hill and it was flowing across the road and onto the beach between his shop and what used to be Brenda's shop.

He described it as "liquid sewage" but said it was not a huge area.

There have been problems in the past with a blockage causing sewage to leak out, which previously led to the road having to be dug up. It is not clear if this will have to happen again.

A spokesperson for the EA confirmed that he had been notified of a burst sewage main and that a team from South West Water had been on its way to carry out repairs to the pipe.

He said: "Some of the material went onto the beach, but it sounds as if the water company responded pretty quickly, because they have taken away a lot of material."

He added that a team from South West Water had been taking samples up and down stream, and on the beach."

He described the situation as now "contained" and classed it as a 'category three' incident, where one is the most severe.

"We're keeping a watching brief," he said.

A South West Water spokesperson said that work was ongoing on Friday morning.

On Thursday, the spokesperson said: "South West Water was alerted to a leak on a sewage main at Coverack Mill pumping station at around 8am this morning.

“We immediately attended the site and stopped the flow as quickly as possible. 

“We are now working to repair the leak and are using tankers to transport sewage away from this site to prevent any further discharge.

"The Environment Agency and Cornwall Council are being kept up to date with progress."