Stalking a woman and the production and possession of cannabis were the charges faced by a Penzance man on Friday.

Ricky Boughton, aged 37, of Marine Terrace, was in Truro Crown Court having  previously failed to surrender to bail for a court appearance on June 28.

Representing himself, Boughton said that he had missed his court appearance because the court letter he had received in the post had been very thin.

He explained that it must have been mixed up with other post and he had probably missed it because he was expecting a thicker letter. 

Magistrates had previously heard how the stalking charge, to which he pleaded guilty, had a "substantial adverse effect" on the victim's day to day activities.

Last summer he led her to believe that her dog had to be put down and sent excessive amounts of text and emails disguising his phone number.

He also made threats to circulate personal sexual videos on various platforms.

After hearing the evidence, magistrates had felt that they did not have sufficient powers to sentence him, resulting in his appearance before Judge David Ticehurst today. 

Judge Ticehurst adjourned the sentencing until July 26, urging Boughton, who has also admitted production and possession of cannabis, to seek legal representation ahead of the hearing.

As part of the bail conditions, he also told the defendant to live and sleep at his home address and to not contact the victim of his stalking.