An open letter sent to Ann Widdecombe MEP

You won't recall me but we have met many times, but undoubtedly you will recall my late wife Candy Atherton MP.

I'm writing to inform you that as a constituent of yours, I expect more from you than the antics in Brussels. I would not expect that sort of behaviour from you when you were an MP, and I don't expect that from you now.

You bring shame on Britain and it belittles you personally, nor does it further your aims. I suggest that if you do not wish to participate, don't take the payments and other numerations.

I have been represented by MEPs of parties other than my own many times and I have been reasonably satisfied with them individually and respected their position, now I find both your policy and attitude force me to say that you do not represent me, and I can say with certainty that if she were still alive you would not represent Candy too.

Cllr Broderick Ross

Berkeley Path