A PROPERTY in Falmouth has been shut down by police following months of reports of anti-social behaviour.

Falmouth Police said that officers were yesterday (Thursday) granted a Closure Order on the property in Meadowbank Road.

The order was granted by Bodmin Magistrates' Court.

On its Facebook page, a spokesperson for Falmouth and Helston Police said: "The case was surrounding a prolonged period of persistent and significant anti-social behaviour, which caused serious nuisance, fear and anxiety to local residents living in the area.

"In the past six months police received 36 separate reports of disorder that could be directly linked to associates of the property.

"Falmouth officers have worked tirelessly, trying to resolve the issues surrounding the disorder associated with the property.

"The decision to seek a Closure Order is not one that we take lightly and all preventative factors were considered.

"This case got to a stage where local residents were afraid to go out of their own homes through fear of violence and disorder.

"This is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. We must take action to protect people within our community.

"This is a great commitment from the police, force legal team, anti-social behaviour team, the local Housing Association and all of the members of the community that have taken a stance."