A SKIPPER who was rescued after being spotted hanging unconscious over the side of his boat with his head in the water has recovered and been reunited with his rescuers.

As reported by the Packet on Sunday, numerous 999 and Mayday calls were made by members of the public who spotted the man at Mylor at around 11am that day.

Falmouth Coastguard diverted its rescue helicopter based at Newquay, which was on exercise nearby, and both RNLI lifeboats from Falmouth were launched.

Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team was also called out and other vessels, including a Truro Harbour vessel, also responded to offer help.

Devon and Cornwall Police and South west Ambulance Service also responded.

Other vessels nearby responded quickly to the Mayday and another boater was able to catch up with the vessel and pull the kill cord out to stop the engine.

The skipper was recovered to the Falmouth RNLI lifeboat and then transferred to hospital by the Coastguard rescue helicopter.

Now, the man – Colin – has been confirmed as having recovered from his ordeal and has returned to thank Coastguard Commander Martin Leslie and the Falmouth RNLI Coxwain John Blakeston.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) shared the good news today (Friday) and said that Colin – himself a former Coastguard for Mullion Coastguard Rescue Team – also managed to visit Matt Rogers from Falmouth Coastguard Operations Centre, who took many of the 999 calls.

An MCA spokesperson said: "It was definitely a case of all the stars aligning for Colin's rescue – the Newquay Coastguard helicopter and the Falmouth Lifeboat were training nearby and several vessels also came his assistance, one of which had a doctor onboard.

"Colin's previous experience as a Coastguard and his boat training saw him wearing all the right kit, including a lifejacket with a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) – which undoubtedly would have kept his head above water if he'd fallen the sea. Colin gave himself the best chances of survival that day by wearing these.

"Words can't describe how thrilled we are to see he's made a good recovery and we hope to see him back at sea soon."