A super slimmer from Hayle has scooped the title of Man of the Year 2019 after losing four and a half stone.

Since January 2018 Graham Clemo has gone from 19 stone 4lb to 14 stone 12lb, proving that Slimming World works for men as well as women.

Like many men, Graham said he thought that slimming clubs were aimed at women and assumed the focus would be on ‘diet’ food. However, he decided to give it a try after giving up smoking two years earlier and experiencing health problems.

Graham said: “Deep down I’d been unhappy with my weight for some time but it took me a long time to face up to it. And then when I did admit to myself that I wanted to lose weight I still didn’t want to ask for help.

“I had heard a lot of amazing things about Slimming World from family and friends so I decided to give it a go.

“I’ve realised now though that far from being weak, asking for help takes strength of character and getting support to make changes has given me a sense of confidence that is benefitting every aspect of my life.”

Falmouth Packet:

Graham before he lost four and a half stone with Slimming World

He admitted that it was “nerve-wracking” when he first walked through the doors of his local meeting, but it turned out that he was not the only man there and the whole group was supportive.

“I didn’t know what my mates would think about me attending Slimming World but they’ve been right behind it. Once they realised I could still have a beer they started to take an interest and when they see me eating things like steak and homemade chips, chicken curry or a roast dinner they always ask how it’s possible to eat like that and still lose weight.

“What really had them sitting up and paying attention though was how well I was losing weight,” he added.

“Buying clothes is now so different and I can actually buy ‘normal sizes’ off the peg.”

Graham’s waist has shrunk from 44 inches to 34 inches. As the weight came off, Graham found he also had more energy to enjoying walking and cycling again.

His hard work led to his group in Hayle honouring him with the Man of the Year title.

Pauline Chappell, who runs the Thursday Slimming World group at Hayle Day Care Centre, said she was incredibly proud of Graham, adding: “He’s a real inspiration to the group.

"We know that many men assume slimming clubs won’t be right for them, but Graham shows that once they come through the doors they do so well. Like Graham I would advise anyone who would like to lose weight to find the courage to take that first step.”