A Falmouth man admitted to a brutal assault that he carried out at the age of 17. 

Jack Blakeston, now 18, of Windsor Court, had denied a charge of causing grievous bodily harm when appearing in court in February.

Today at Truro Crown Court he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of causing actual bodily harm and will be sentenced tomorrow.

The offence took place on March 21 of 2018 when Blakeston assaulted Ketan Cooper at Penmere railway station in Falmouth.

Falmouth Packet:

Blakeston's victim Ketan Cooper

A two-day trial was initially scheduled for this week, but Blakeston admitted to the lesser charge and will be sentenced after he has the chance to speak to the probation service.

Blakeston's defence solicitor Deni Matthews said that his client is employed at a scaffolders firm and has had no previous convictions. 

Presiding over Blakeston's hearing today, recorder Charles Morrison said: "The fact is you are responsible for an unpleasant, nasty assault. I'm considering the options available to me for sentence."

The judge also said that he would not be looking at an immediate custodial sentence, saying: "This is a man who could go one way or the other depending on the course I take."

More on the sentencing tomorrow.