Up to £5,000 has been raised by a group of men who sacrificed their trademark hair and beards for charity - including one who has not been clean shaven for 43 years.

The sponsored event took place at Andy's Barbers in Helston, raising money for men's mental health charity Man Down.

Among those braving the shave were Helston's mayor John Martin, who has had a moustache for more than 40 years. After hearing what was being planned, however, he grew out his hair and beard also - and is now almost unrecognisable without his trademark facial hair.

Others took part or supported the event because they had personal experience with mental health issues, either themselves or through family and friends.

Falmouth Packet:

Helston mayor John Martin looks almost unrecognisable without his trademark facial hair. Photo: Jake Riding

Tom Rendall, who organised the event, said: "Mental health is the biggest killer of men under 45. I think everyone has had an experience with their own or knowing someone with mental health issues.

"It just shows, through the amount of donations, that it's affected so many people and there's such a big outreach."

A fortnightly Man Down meeting is held at the barbers in Coinagehall Street, every other Thursday between 7pm and 9pm, giving men the chance to talk about their mental health and support each other confidentially - the next one being on July 18.

The charity pays for drinks and cakes to be provided by associated business The Coffee Hut, as well as occasional group days out.

Tom set up the meetings after hearing about the charity through his girlfriend Jade, who works for a local private mental health organisation.

Money for the shave is still coming in, but more than £4,500 has already been collected and that figure is expected to rise closer to £5,000.

Falmouth Packet:

Mid-shave for this man getting a new look. Photo: Jake Riding

"It's amazing," said Tom. "About 15 men were shaved, so a big thank you to those guys, and thank you to everyone who donated. It has obviously touched a lot of people."

They included one woman who donated £170, the full proceeds from a Body Shop party she had held.

And while fundraising was an important part, Tom added: "Raising awareness and suicide prevention are the main two things it's for."