Parents have been warned to "think twice" about letting their children and animals enter the water in Porthleven harbour at the moment due to faeces and sanitary products floating around.

Porthleven Environment Group has put out the warning saying members were actively working with South West Water on the problem.

It has shared pictures of waste and toilet paper floating in the harbour water and caught on seaweed, saying: "Please think twice before letting your children and animals go into the water."

The group added that it had also spoken to the harbour master and everyone was working together to sort the problem.

A spokesperson told the Packet: "South West Water has narrowed the source of the problem down and are working hard to fix it."

The Packet has contacted South West Water for a comment.

The environment group is also working with the water company to roll out its "Love Your Loo" campaign across Porthleven.

Members are visiting pubs, hotels, campsites, restaurants and the school with leaflets and posters, advertising the fact that only the "three Ps" (toilet paper, pee and poo) should go down the toilet.

"We have had positive comments and everyone we visited has been keen to get on board. The campaign is especially relevant to Porthleven Environment Group, as we have been working with South West Water for several months regarding the sanitary pads found in our harbour," added the spokesperson.