Falmouth's former One Stop Shop is to be turned into a sports bar and restaurant.

Cornwall Council has given the go-ahead to converting the Church Street building into a bar/restaurant on the ground floor and three flats on the first floor.

Developers Skyblueproperties was given conditional approval, despite some objections from neighbouring residents who described the area as a "seething mass of shouting, screaming inebriates" on some nights.

One of the conditions is that the restaurant can only operate between 9am and 11pm Sunday to Thursday, and 9am to midnight on Saturdays.

The planning application stated that 20 jobs will be created in the new restaurant, with 14 new full-time employees and six part-time ones.

A spokesperson for Skyblueproperties said that they would "try and do minimal damage" when converting the building, which dates back to 1786 and has been empty for nearly three years.