Fans of all things second hand will no doubt already be aware of Falmouth's Dig 'n' Delve, which has been an emporium of miscellaneous treasures for three decades now.

With Amy Hayes at the helm for the last five years, the bargain basement has made a transition from antiques and bric-a-brac to cater to a trendier crowd, with cut-price clothing, vinyl records and a host of musical gear all for sale at offensively low prices.

Sales at Dig 'n' Delve see such bargains as two jackets for a fiver, a wetsuit for around £30, and sub-£1 records to name but a few.

The shop has also garnered a reputation as a place where people can flog their unwanted goods, some less savoury than others...

Amy said: "It was my idea mainly to go down the clothing route because there's a lot of retro clothing stores but there's not so many that do them dirt cheap."

Dig 'n' Delve's "off-the-beaten-track" Swanpool Street location does not pull in huge crowds of tourists, Amy says, but it does take full advantage of the town's semi-transient chic student population.

She said: "When it was more bric-a-brac and antiques they weren't really so interested. Students tend to come in and buy stuff then usually sell when they leave again.

"Tourists are a bit harder because we're just off the beaten track here, but a lot of them do seem to know us from word of mouth now."

Amy's favourite part of working at Dig 'n' Delve is that "Any day is different really. You never know what people are going to bring in which can be kind of fun."

But the shop's propensity for variety can also attract some less savoury – or in any case less hygienic – donations.

Amy said: "The shop actually used to sell adult toys. For a period of time people were bringing in used adult toys. I was like 'no, we actually buy those new'.

"So that's why I stopped doing those because it became a bit of a thing. That's probably some of the weirder stuff I've had in. Someone left a donation of some of them so I threw them straight in the bin."