Railway track is to be extended towards Helston as part of long-term plans to restore the branch line. 

A further quarter of a mile of track is about to be re-laid by Helston Railway, extending past Truthall Halt in the direction of Helston, following the original route of the line.

It will mean visitors riding on the group’s new steam train will eventually be able to travel even further before making the return trip back to Prospidnick.

Falmouth Packet:

The navy team get together on a platform. Photo: Royal Navy

To help clear the land ready for work to begin, railway volunteers received some welcome help from engineers with experience in a very different form of transport.

A team from RNAS Culdrose volunteered their expertise – and while their experience might lie more above the ground, in helicopters rather than trains, the group got stuck in clearing undergrowth and getting the land ready.

Lieutenant Chris Ashdown, who oversaw the trip this week, said: “This was something we were really keen to do, where we could work with a charity and in the community. It was really easy opportunity for us to lend a hand and help give something back.

Falmouth Packet:

Air Engineering Technician Daniel Parkin helps to cut back shrubs. Photo: Royal Navy

“From a parent’s point of view, as were also many of those taking part, I know how much children enjoy this railway so we were more than happy to help support them.

“There was an engineering link too, we were able to see how they are going to link the track and we got to look at the locomotives.”

Falmouth Packet:

Leading Air Engineering Technician Richard King lends a hand drilling post holes. Photo: Royal Navy