When seven-year-old Henry Hoskin discovered a new word, “charity,” he was determined to do his bit in the only way he knew how: growing things.

The little boy, who lives near Goonhilly Downs on the Lizard, had been busy growing cucumbers with his dad Steven and decided he wanted to sell these for 50p, with the aim of eventually donating £50 to the charity Your Voice Cornwall – although he has since gone on to triple that.

Henry had overhead his mum Fiona talking to Natasha Long, who recently set up the charity to support both men and women with their mental health.

He started by selling the cucumbers in Mawgan Stores - and after Shaunette from Mrs K’s Fruit and Veg in Helston heard about it she was so impressed that she pledged to double Henry’s originally planned donation.

The Garras School pupil has since gone on to donate £150 to the charity, at a presentation with Natasha at the new Mrs K’s shop in Meneage Street.

Falmouth Packet:

Henry presents £150 to Natasha Long, founder of Your Voice Cornwall, with Shaunette of Mrs K's Fruit and Veg, holding dog Lionel 

Mum Fiona said: “Everyone has been brilliant – local people, Mawgan Stores and Mrs K’s Fruit and Veg.”

She added that her son did not plan to stop there, either.

“Henry says he wants to help lots of people and will announce his next charity next year. This year it's all about Your Voice,” she added.