Dear Editor, 

In 2012 Helston Town Council sold 3 Penrose Road (now the CAST building) knowing that two-thirds of the proceeds would be restricted by the Technical and Industrial Institutions Act 1892. 

In simple terms, the town council must purchase land for an Institution of Scientific and Technical Instruction. 

It must be noted that this restriction is due to an Act of Parliament and not a covenant and so to waive the restriction would require the 1892 Act, or sections of it, to be repealed by Parliament.  

The council has already considered a Private Bill, a Legislative Reform Order and a joint venture with another local organisation but all have proved unviable to date. 

On 16th August 2018, with the assistance of Derek Thomas MP, representatives of the town council travelled to London to meet with advisors to the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

The outcome of this meeting was the suggestion of a Localism Order. When an application for a Localism Order is made by a council to the Minister, the council must demonstrate how its request meets the statutory conditions for a Localism Order and the Minister will also want assurances that all other options have been exhausted.

This is where we need the public’s help.  To ensure that all avenues are explored regarding use of the restricted £106k, any individual or organisation with a proposal that conforms with the 1892 Act is asked to contact the Town Clerk by September 1, 2019. 

More details of the history behind the sale of the building and the options already explored can be found under council news on our website, 

Yours Faithfully

Mr C Dawson 

Town Clerk