Campaigners fighting to save a rural school bus services celebrated a small victory this week.

Last month the Packet reported that the rural service from Mawnan and Constantine to Truro College faced being axed.

Yesterday, Cornwall councillor Geoff Brown said that an early morning public bus would be extended so that students from the villages could travel to Mabe and catch a college bus on to Truro.

But, he said, as the council’s head of transport Glyn Williams is currently off sick, he cannot yet confirm how the students will return home.

Mum Lucy Jewson said: “I’m encouraged that they have tried to resolve things, but frustrated that they haven’t worked it through practically. We’re getting very, very, close.”

Lucy has been pressuring the council to come up with a solution since hearing the news that the bus service would be cut.

Next Thursday is GCSE results day and Lucy says transport issues should not affect students' decisions about their future.

The existing service is being cut, according to the council, because it does not adhere to its transport policy for over-16s.

A council spokesperson said: "Our policy is that only those living more than five miles from their nearest pick up/drop off point for college buses qualify for council-provided link transport.

"This policy is being applied to Constantine and Mawnan as it has been applied to other areas of Cornwall and the policy has not changed. "However, we understand the concerns of parents and discussions are continuing with First Kernow and Truro College to try and identify if any other transport options can be found for the students affected"

Geoff Brown, Cornwall Council’s portfolio holder for transport, explained the situation in an email to Cornwall Councillor for Constantine, Mawnan and Budock, John Bastin, which was shared online with permission by Lucy.

He said: “I am told that there is already a suitable return service in the afternoon/evening. Unfortunately due to David Edwards being on leave and Glyn Williams off sick I am unable to provide today the exact details of these routes which will connect with the college service.

"As soon as possible we will get details to all parents who have made application for transport to Truro College for the two-way journey."